Why Are Ginger Cats Special?

Just like white snowball cats, ginger cats are very popular among cat lovers. Ginger cats are technically not a specific breed. But with their tiger-like appearance and friendly personalities, they are one of the leading popular cats around the world. Also, the unique colors of orange shades like orange, red, and gold are another reason for ginger cats’ popularity. In fact, they have their own holiday – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day falls on the first of September annually.

So, in this article, we are getting to mention “Why Ginger Cats are Special?” and popular among pet lovers.

Why Are Ginger Cats Special?

As ginger cats are not a specific breed, it’s difficult to differentiate gingers’ personalities and temperaments. In spite of that, all ginger cats have one key characteristic to share. Let’s know the characteristics and reasons for ginger cats being special.

Ginger Cats Are Tabbies

All ginger cats are very tabby and adorable. The term “tabby” refers to a selected coat pattern that involves a mixture of stripes, swirls, and spots of color. This pattern is common in both wild and domestic felines. In fact, all domestic cats carry the tabby gene, though they’ll not always exhibit a clear tabby pattern.

Unique Coat Patterns

Every ginger cat is exclusive because all of them carry their own unique coats. And they have certain characteristics in common. Just like, all tabbies have a particular M-shaped marking on their foreheads, and their genetics differ in their pattern style.

Looks Like Tiger

Every pattern or color of ginger cats is very attractive and loved by all. Ginger cats are often called tiger cats due to their orange coloring and striped pattern. So, it will seem like you are petting a little tiger!

Furry Pets

Ginger cats can have either long hair or short hair, counting on their breed. So, they will look very furry and adorable to have. 

Different Breeds

Some of the leading ginger cat breeds are the Abyssinian, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Munchkin, and Persian. These breeds are very popular cats for their own characteristics. They have different characteristics and lifespans according to their breeds. So, you can choose your favorite breed of ginger cat as a pet.

Affectionate And Loving Cats

Orange cats have a reputation for being friendly and affectionate more than other pet cats. They love to play with their owners and entertain them all the time with their cute mischiefs and activities. 

Have Flakes on Face

Many ginger cats develop black freckles on their faces. The most ordinarily appear on the lips, nose, and gums. These flakes are very rare on other cats and look very attractive too. 

Popular On TVs

Ginger tabbies are also popular in film and TV shows. Some of the foremost famous ginger cats include the cartoon cat Garfield, Milo from Milo and Otis, and Orangey from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

So, these are the reasons for ginger cats being special. I hope these reasons are enough to convince you about the specialty of ginger cats, and you will love to have one for sure!

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier is a New-York based freelance writer, professional blogger and certified dog trainer. She networks shelter pets to help them find homes and volunteers for rescue groups as she is passionate about dog rescue and adoption. From a very early age, she developed extensive animal handling skills from her dad, and that’s where her love for animals started.

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