10 Tips For Being A Good Pet Parent

Keeping a pet is always desired by every pet lover. You might love your cute little pup or kitten a lot. But are you taking proper care of those furry friends? The big question, though! Many pet owners adopt pets with a lot of excitement. But after a while, they tend to forget to care for them. Don’t think just giving food or shelter is enough for that little life. They need more than that. They are not accessories that can be kept in a corner. After all, Pets are living things. They need love, affection, and care. 

We know you have that affection for your little pet. But you have to show love and affection by taking proper care and fulfilling their needs. With the following tips, we hope you’ll be achieving your criteria of being a good pet parent and building a better relationship with your pet. 

10 Tips For Being A Good Pet Parent

1. Research Before Getting A Pet 

Before getting a pet at home, it’s important to research the pet you want to take. Every pet has its own special features and needs. According to those features, you have to consider whether those fluffy ones meet your lifestyle or not. 

2. Give Them An ID 

After owning a cat or dog as a pet, the first thing you consider is giving them an ID. In this process, a microchip is painlessly embedded under the skin that contains a unique identification code. That microchip helps you to track your pet inside and outside the house. After all, nobody wants to lose their pet. However, if you don’t want to microchip them, you can go for collars that have microchips or trackers. 

3. Feed Them Properly

Don’t leave the food bowl all day for your pets. Dogs or cats need to be fed according to time schedules. Only give them food at the required time and in the right portions. Otherwise, they will be overweight with extra food and face many health issues. If you are a busy pet parent, you can go for automatic food dispensers that can be scheduled by time. 

4. Train Good Manners

Just like human kids, pets also need to be taught good manners on time. Staying with a well-trained pet is far better than living with an ill-mannered one. Some basic commands, like stay or drop, should be taught to your dog to avoid any unexpected event. 

5. Happy Pet House

Make your house a happy zone for your pets. Try to make your pets comfortable with all your family members and give them the playing and cuddle times they crave for. Also, try to buy them some toys to reduce boredom while you are not at home. 

6. Exercise Is The Key

One important key to keeping your pets fit and happy is exercise. Every dog, cat, or mammal pet needs exercise to keep fit. If you have a dog, then take them for a walk every day and for other pets, give them exercise instruments or leave them in the house to cover their exercise needs. 

7. Grooming Session Is A Must 

Pets need to be groomed well. At least one or two baths in a week and nail trim according to their nail growth. Furry cats need regular brushing to shed their furs well, but for dogs, that’s not required. 

8. Organize Play Dates

Your pets need to be socialized with other pets too. Try to arrange some playdates for your doggo or kitten. That will help them socialize with other animals, and they will become more friendly to welcome others into their lives.

9. Ease Separation Anxiety

Busy pet owners mostly leave their pets alone at home each morning. But unfortunately, that creates separation anxiety in those little hearts. Common signs you will encounter with a pet with separation anxiety will be destructive chewing, urination, and endless barking and whining. Try to ease separation anxiety in your fido or kitten if you see any of these signs. For that, you can leave them with a piece of cloth or anything else that has a scent of you. By doing that, your pet will feel you are there with them and will be less tense. 

10. Don’t Forget your Vet Appointment

Pets need to be taken for a vet check-up on time. Don’t ever miss their vaccination or check-up appointments. Otherwise, your pets will be unhealthy and sad. So, next time, don’t miss the vet’s appointment. 

Final Verdict

So, these are the tips for being a good pet parent that everyone should follow. Hope this article has been insightful for you, and you will be applying all these tips to your life too. 

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier is a New-York based freelance writer, professional blogger and certified dog trainer. She networks shelter pets to help them find homes and volunteers for rescue groups as she is passionate about dog rescue and adoption. From a very early age, she developed extensive animal handling skills from her dad, and that’s where her love for animals started.

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