Things You Didn’t Know About Siberian Husky

We are all familiar with big Siberian Huskies sledding on the white snow. But you know what, this is not the only identity of these fox-like dogs! Being an incredible working dog, Siberian Huskies can also be one of the sweetest, most friendly, and cuddly bugs for pet owners. And if you have already made up your mind about having this white-gray snowball as your family member, you will love to know the hidden fun facts about Siberian Huskies. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the “Things you didn’t know about Siberian Husky.” 

Things You Didn’t Know About Siberian Husky

Things you Didn't Know About Siberian Husky

Talkative Dogs

Did you ever think of having a talkative dog? If not, try to have a chat with these lovely Huskies. They are one of the most talkative dogs that love to communicate with their friends with cute howling sounds. Rather than barking hard as other big brat dogs do, Huskies love to howl, sing or whine all day. With their cute howling sounds and friendly nature, they can easily make anyone friends and have extended hours of loving chats. The most interesting fact is that their howl can be heard a whopping 10 miles away. Amazing right? 

Have Two Different Colored Eyes

What attracts you the most in these lovely dogs whenever you see a Siberian Husky? Undoubtedly, the blue-colored eyes. Those beautiful blue-pigmented eyes look incredible on them and are something very different from traditional dog breeds. 

But the thing that makes these blue beauties more exotic is when they got two entirely different color eyeballs. This condition is called ‘heterochromia,’ which is basically a benign genetic condition. But in this hereditary situation, they never leave the blue. So at least one of the eyes remains with incredible blue color while the other can be any of gold, brown, or orangey-colored eyes.

Have Two Different Colored Eyes

Overheat At 0 °F

We know Huskies are snow dogs and love to stay in cold temperatures. But do we know that these snow lovers can’t sustain above 0-degree temperatures? This is quite insane and bad news for those who don’t live in cold states. Thus if you still want to have a husky, make sure you constantly provide water and rest to your huskies. Also, make sure they don’t exercise in direct sunlight. 

Escape Artist

It doesn’t matter how much you love your husky; they will escape from the confinement whenever they get a chance. And before you get to know what happened, huskies will be running far away. Now you might be thinking of strengthening the guard with high fences or walls. But sadly, that won’t work either because this escape artist can jump about 6 feet high fences and has the talent to climb up to 9 feet tall walls. So whatever tricks you use, they will find a way to escape. In that case, we will suggest using a GPS tracker to get your husky back. So if you want, you can check out our video on “Best 5 GPS Dog Tracking Devices”.

Escape Artist

Has Built-In Winter Coat!

Originating in subzero climates, Siberian dogs are always ready to survive the winter with their two coats. Yes, you heard right. These Siberian Huskies have two fur coats over their skin. Though the undercoat blows twice a year, making them a wide shedder, they also grow back soon to match the weather. In the winter, the undercoat tends to grow thicker to cope with the cold, while in summer, it grows a little thinner to let the skin breathe. What clever timing! And not to forget the outer layer, which provides husky protection from insects, snow, or rain. 

One Of The Oldest Dogs In The World

Huskies are counted as one of the oldest dog breeds globally, with a History of 3000 years. At the beginning of history, they were raised by the Chuckchi people, a semi-nomadic tribe in North Siberia that needed a little help in hunting with sled pulling. So they bred a unique dog that has the ability to sled in subzero temperatures and can live on a little food too. After that, they were introduced in the United States in 1909 when they came to Alaska and made their first sled-team-pull in the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race. And till now, they are famous for their sled-pulling. 

Balto: An Unprecedented Hero

Now that history has come up, the honorable mention of Balto shouldn’t be missed. It was about 1925 when many children in Nome, Alaska, undertook by Diptheria and faced difficulties bringing medicine from a 600-mile risky journey. However, a group of men and their dogs went to undertake this difficult journey. But unfortunately, some man and dogs lost their lives on the way, and at that time, our hero Balto took charge of the pack. He ran the last leg of the journey himself and got tremendous honor with a statue in central park, New York.

Balto An Unprecedented Hero

Was Used in World War 2

If we think of war dogs, the German Shepherd is the first breed that comes to mind for its ability to rescue, find out mine, and deliver messages. But in World War 2, Siberian huskies had also established themself as war dogs. They helped the troops with transport and communication tasks by making a heroic history on the row. And after this remarkable history, huskies got great acceptance in the USA family as pets and are now wanted mainly by many dog lovers. 


So, these are some Amazing Things you might not know about Siberian Husky. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. And we would like to see if you want a report on the “Siberian Husky Care Guide”. You can put your questions and suggestions in the comments section below.

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

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