Why You Should Keep Degu As A Pet?

Pocket pets have become a new trend in the pet lovers’ world. Almost four million homes in the United States own at least one pocket pet in their house. And for that, many options are available on the row. Starting from guinea pigs and hamsters to hedgehogs, there are many pint-size creatures that you can have as a pet. But among those wonderful babyish pets, today we are going to talk about one tiny handy rodent pet, Degus. At first sight, it might seem like a mouse with large ears and a tufted tail. Yet degus are entirely different species that have their origin in Chile, South America. 

At first, they were used for research in laboratories, but now degus are more popular as an exciting pocket pet to have. So, let’s check out what makes Keeping Degus as a Pet an attractive yet good option for pet lovers. 

Keeping Degus As a Pet

Keeping Degus As A Pet

Starting with the physical characteristics, degus are quite handy pets with a body length of 5 to 8 inches and a tail of 5 inches which roughly weighs 6 to 10 ounces. Having a round squat body with large dark ears, degus come in different colors such as light agouti, red, lilac, chocolate, cream, and many more. So you will get many options to choose from and have cute, eye-catching pets in your pocket.

Degus have many similar characteristics to other rodents in behavior and temperament. Degus need to be handled at an early age to get tamed easily. In addition to that, Degus are pretty social animals with a history of living in groups of hundreds. So it’s always required to take rodents in pairs of same-sex if you don’t want to breed them. 

Having a friend in their cage will allow them to socialize, enjoy playtimes and relieve their curiosities. Otherwise, they will turn into aggressive and neurotic brats, and handling this little one will be a tough nut to crack. You’ll hear high-pitched screeches, get bites and face many problems while degus get aggressive or stressed for any reason. But once you can tame your degus, they will even try to chit-chat with you using their cute chitter-chatter sounds. Also, they will love to come towards you for cuddles and belly scratches while hand trained from birth. 

For that, you have to handle and play with them regularly to let them habituate to your presence and love. But compared to handling or training, maintaining Degus will be much easier, as they require just a handful of daily food and weekly cleaning of the cage only. Even their food requirements are also limited to some good quality rodent foods and fresh veggies, with occasional treats of a few sunflower seeds and nuts. 

Keeping Degus As a Pet

Moreover, housing this baby will not require too much space. Only a 24 by 18-inch cage will be enough to keep a pair of them. It’s ideal to have a smooth surface cage for their soft feet than wire slats. With that, giving a nesting box filled with tissues, paper towels, hay, or shredded paper; Paper-based bedding; solid-surface exercise wheel, woodblocks, and chew toys are necessary for degus. Furthermore, grooming degus only requires a regular dust bath to keep their coats and skin shiny. Just provide them with a bowl of one or two inches of bath dust or sand, and leave the rest on them. 

All in all, it can be said that degus are one of the cutest yet most wonderful pets that you can keep. They are very social, easy to handle, and low-maintenance pets to have.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are thinking of having a Degu for your house, then you are going to have a wonderful pet in your pocket. Hope this article quenches your curiosity about degus, and you will like to have one for yourself.

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier is a New-York based freelance writer, professional blogger and certified dog trainer. She networks shelter pets to help them find homes and volunteers for rescue groups as she is passionate about dog rescue and adoption. From a very early age, she developed extensive animal handling skills from her dad, and that’s where her love for animals started.

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