How Do You Increase The Palatability Of Dog Food?

There are many different kinds of dogs, and their food preferences are almost as diverse. Sometimes they don’t have any palatability of food. Have you ever wondered how you can make your dog’s food more appealing? This is a common question. You can find a solution to this problem by making your pet’s dry dog food more palatable and flavorful. Depending on your dog’s needs and preferences, you can choose among different ways to do this. Besides meeting all your dog’s nutritional needs, quality dog food is tasty and affordable. In this article, we’re going to see how to increase the palatability of dog food.

Palatability: What Is It?

Palatability refers to an animal’s ability to choose one option over another, such as choosing between two meals. Consider palatability as the taste of a substance to a person or pet. If an item is more palatable, people will enjoy it, while it may be ignored if it is less appealing. There are a number of factors that are relevant to palatability. These are taste, texture in the mouth, smell, and appearance. In humans, palatability is largely determined by taste and visual appearance. However, the situation is different for dogs, which tend to rely more on smell than taste. 

Palatability What is It

Palatability matters because it makes your dog more likely to eat unattractive but healthful foods. As the knowledge of canine nutrition grows, so do dogs’ macronutrients and micronutrients to maintain peak health. Palatability will help to entice your dog to eat these foods, which might not taste as good as meat or treats. A food’s palatability can be increased by adding flavors, such as fat, salt, proteins, yeast, or other ingredients. Palatability can also be smell-based, an important factor in feeding dogs that rely more on smell rather than taste when determining if a food is tasty.

Here Are Some Steps To Increase The Palatability Of Your Dog Food.

1. Pour Hot Water Or Soup Over It

You can make your dog’s food more appealing by adding warm water or broth. Add 1/4 – 1/2 cups of purified water or broth to the kibble. You can let your dog consume this food, and let the kibble absorb the water for an hour or two before mashing it into a stew.

Pour Hot Water or Soup Over It

Your dog’s dish will smell better and be moisturized with liquids. It is important to keep your dog hydrated even if he or she is exclusively on dry food, or is ill. Our recommendation is to use bone broth for your dog’s food. This Native Pet’s Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats is easy to make and has amazing health benefits that have been scientifically proven. Overall, it’s a great way to rehydrate and supply sick dogs with important nutrients. 

2. Food In Cans Or Stews

To encourage your dog to eat dry food if water and broth are not enough, mixing in canned dog food or stew is another easy and affordable solution. You need to choose high-quality canned and dry food to maintain a balanced diet for your dog. It is common for dogs to prefer wet food to dry food due to its taste and texture. It’s not exactly natural for dogs to eat kibble, but it’s more expensive to feed them only wet food.

Giving your dog what he wants and still staying within your budget is possible when you mix the two. Also, if you add wet food to water or broth, your dog will drink more water. In addition to keeping dogs hydrated, the extra water also helps them feel full for longer. This Wag Wet Canned Dog Food can be a great source of protein for your dog. 

Food in Cans or Stews

3. Meat And Dairy Products

Dogs are known to love animal products. Protein in meat is vital for dogs’ overall health, energy, and muscle development, which is why it’s the first ingredient in most dry dog food recipes. Moreover, meat smells, tastes, and feels very palatable to dogs.

In order to make your dog’s food more appealing, you can include a variety of animal products in it, including fish, meat, eggs, and organ meat. Depending on your dog’s allergies, specific dietary needs, and any other illnesses that could factor into its diet, you will choose the exact ingredients you add to its diet. It is important that you start with premium ingredients. 

Meat and Dairy Products

4. Food Toppers

If you want to add fruits, vegetables, and animal products to your dog’s diet, but time and money are keeping you from fully cooking his meals, toppings are the perfect solution. Dog food toppers are used to enhance the palatability of dry food. Even if you are forced to feed your dog dry foods, toppers provide a convenient, affordable, and healthy way to feed your dog whole foods.

Food Toppers

You can give this The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food as toppers. With this grain-free recipe, you’ll find genuine, recognizable ingredients, such as free-range chicken, which are gently dehydrated to preserve nutrients. This Stella & Chewy’s Stella’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper can be another best topper for your dog. Made in the USA, these toppers contain no grains or by-products and have no GMOs. So you can give it to your furry friend without any worries.

5. Dietary Supplemental Products

If your dog needs additional supplements, you will want to add them to his food. Your dog can gain additional benefits from these supplements, including moisture. You can add coconut oil and fish oil to dry dog food as supplements. Most dogs find coconut oil appealing but recognize that it contains extra fat, especially if they already consume peanut butter or cheese.

Dietary Supplemental Products

Adding a little coconut oil to your dog’s diet can help your dog gain weight. You can also add fish oil to your dog’s food to make it more enticing and nutritious. You can supplement your dog’s diet with fish oil since it’s a great source of Omega fatty acids. Use this Grizzly Omega Health Omega-3 Dog & Cat Supplement to make your dog’s diet healthier. 

Final Thoughts

So these are the tips and tricks about How You Increase the Palatability of Dog Food. If you have come so far, you must have got a fair idea of it. Try these out and make your dog happy at the same time, healthy. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier is a New-York based freelance writer, professional blogger and certified dog trainer. She networks shelter pets to help them find homes and volunteers for rescue groups as she is passionate about dog rescue and adoption. From a very early age, she developed extensive animal handling skills from her dad, and that’s where her love for animals started.

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