Fancy Goldfish Care Guide For Beginners

A fish aquarium is never complete without a goldfish. The beautiful colors and charms of goldfish always make them the most popular choice as a pet for fish pet owners. If you also love goldfish, you might have noticed many beautiful variants of them, such as the Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Or lion heads. Some come in different colors, and some have extra long beautiful fins. And all of them are ready to take away your heart in just one look. But do you know these different colored and extra fin goldfish are considered fancy goldfish? 

Fancy Goldfishes are different species from goldfish and need extra care for their healthy life. If you don’t know, then let us help you. Fancy goldfish can be easily recognized by their double fins and oval-shaped bodies. They also grow a little longer than typical goldfish and have different ways to care for them. So, if you are mesmerized by these water beauties, you have to be a little careful about their needs before bringing them. Also, you need to know about the care regime properly.  

Aquarium And Stand

Choosing a perfect aquarium depends on the number of fancy goldfish you want to keep as pets. Each fancy fish requires 20 gallons of water for itself. So for one goldfish, at least a 20-gallon tank is required, and with each new goldfish, the tank and water size should be increased by at least 10 gallons more. 

Aquarium & Stand

As a 20-gallon aquarium or tank weighs almost 8 pounds, it will be better to pick a sturdy base for your tank. With that, you have to keep in mind that the tank should be large in width rather than height, as goldfishes need space to swim. 

Aquarium Setup 

Now, as the aquarium has been chosen, it’s time to set and decorate the tank. At the bottom of the tank, there should be gravel in a layer of 2 inches at least. Before putting the gravel into the aquarium, it’s required to rinse the gravel first. After layering the gravel, pour dechlorinated water into the tank halfway.

Aquarium Setup 

Then add a thermometer and other necessary equipment such as Filtration, Air pump, and Lighting. With that, decoration stuff such as fish furniture and rocks can be added to the goldfish tanks for making them more beautiful. But before adding those stuff, make sure to rinse them. With that, live plants can also be added to your fish tank as they will give an alternative food source for your fancies. 


Now it comes to temperature. Thankfully you don’t need to think about temperature so much, as fancies can happily live at room temperature. So they need only a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit in their tank, which you don’t need to create through a heater. This means the cost of buying a heater will be saved. 

Feeding Guide 

Goldfish have a very easy and simple diet of flakes food or pellets. Choosing those pellets or flakes that sink in water rather than floating is always suggested. Eating floating foods may cause bloating to your fancies, so it’s required to keep an eye on that. Or you can also place the flakes or pellets under the surface.

Feeding Guide 

Also, give them foods in small portions that won’t overweight your fancies. Goldfishes are food lovers and can eat large amounts of food at one time, which can cause them to become overweight and end in death. So, it’s said that giving less food to goldfish is better than giving a lot of food. Also, give them food twice a day. However, you can find those fish foods easily in any pet shop or online. If you are confused about which fish food to choose, then you can check out our content on Best Fish Food for Goldfish. 

Tank Cleaning 

The only thing you have to be most concerned about while keeping fancy goldfish is tank cleaning and water purification. Water is the most important aspect of fish life. So keeping it clean and suitable for goldfish is important. For that, water conditioners and test kits are available in the market, which you can use for your tank water purification.  

Tank Cleaning 

The tank water should be changed by 10% every week or 25% every two weeks to keep pollutants low. Also, before adding new tap water to the tank, treat it with a water conditioner for sure.

Behavior And Compatibility

Goldfishes are peaceful by nature, so you don’t need to think about other pet fishes in your tank. But be sure your fancies have no danger from your present fishes. Fishes like- Fin nippers and boisterous should be avoided to keep in the same tank of goldfish, as they can eat up your goldies. Otherwise, same-size fish can be kept in a goldfish tank and compatible well.

But those fishes should be tolerant to cold or room temperature water. Moreover, goldfish are intelligent creatures and can differentiate between their owner and other humans. At an early age, goldies can be taught hand-feeding and interact with their owners. But be cautious about washing your hands before and after handling goldies, as they can cause health issues to you. 

Behavior & Compatibility

Health Concerns 

Though fancy goldfishes are relatively easy to care for, they need extra care for being prone to illness. The common symptoms of goldfish illness can be loss of appetite, clamped fins, scraping the body on rocks, abdominal swelling, and inflamed or discolored skin or fins. If you see any of these symptoms, visit the vet as soon as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Fancy goldfishes are not difficult to care for; you just need to be cautious to keep them healthy. With that, we have come to the end of our Fancy Goldfish Care Guide for Beginners. We hope this article helps you in keeping fancy gold fishes.

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

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