Easy Winter Care Tips For Dogs You Should Know

“Oh, the dogs have extra furry coats to handle the cold weather. We don’t need to care for them in winter. They can handle it on their own.”

If you are thinking something like that, then stop! It doesn’t matter if your dog has extra furry coats or not; they do need extra care in winter, just like humans. Living in domestication, dogs get used to the warmth indoors. So during winter, their extra furry coats do no wonders for them. Your doggos will depend on you to survive during the winter, and you have to take extra care of them to stay healthy. So we have come up with some Easy Winter Care Tips for Dogs to get through the winter without suffering from too much discomfort.

Easy Winter Care Tips For Dogs You Should Know

Easy Winter Care Tips for Dogs You Should Know

Limit Their Time Outside

Your dogs may love to stay outdoors all the time, but dogs are susceptible to frostbite during winter. In this circumstance, when the dog’s body gets cold, it automatically pulls blood from the extremities to the center of the body to stay warm. While their ears, paws, or tails can get so cold that they form ice crystals on tissues and damage the space.

So keeping the dogs outside for a long time can harm their health. Whenever you feel cold outside, take your dog and enter the home. And if your pup is on an alone trip, then bring it inside whenever you feel the weather is too cold outside. Try to go outside while the sun shines in the morning or after it goes down. Though the weather will still remain cold, at least you and your doggo will benefit from Vitamin D. 

Wrap Your Pet Up In Woolens

Bundling dogs with cozy sweaters or jackets may seem unnecessary or just an Instagram stunt for many people. But believe it or not, dogs do need some woolen stuff to protect themselves from the cold. Especially the dogs that don’t have the thick layer of fur on their back will need the extra layer of wool for sure. 

Cozy Bedding

Just like outside, the floors also become too cold for pets to step on. For that, they will need a warm cozy bed to snuggle on. Choose a bed that will keep the doggo up from the cold tile or concrete floor, and also provides them with a blanket to get some extra warmth on the bed. 

Cozy Bedding

Protect Your Dog From Heaters Or Wood Fires

Heaters or wood fires become vital when it comes to winter. None of us want to leave the warmth we get staying near those warmth producers. The same goes for your pets. They keep roaming near the heaters or wood fires. And sometimes, they even go too close to the heating sources which can burn your pets. So, it’s best to take precautions like installing baseboard radiator covers to the heater or pet-proof the woodfire.

Fur Is Natural Warmer

Dogs blessed with extra furry layers always have an advantage in winter. But if you cut or shave those furs during winter, it can be painful for those dogs to survive. So let the dog fur grow and keep them warm in winter. Also, try to cut the frequency of bathing in winter.

Fur is Natural Warmer

Only bathe them when dirt or excess oil is visible. After bathing, keep in mind to dry the dog furs fully first, then take him or her outside. 

Paw Care Is A Must

Though you cut off the bathing sessions in winter, a regular wash of paws after walks is a must in winter. Walking your dogs outside means the increased salt and chemical ice melt on sidewalks and roads will be stuck on their paws.

Paw Care is a Must

Even a small piece of crystal ice can also stick there and cause inflammation or irritation to your doggo. So after every walk, rinse or wipe your pooch’s paw. If your dog has furry paws, then trim the extra furs to avoid ice buildup between the pads. You can also use dog booties if you find your dogs uncomfortable walking on icy roads. 

Keep Them Moisturized

Just like human skin, canines also get cracked and flaky skin in winter. Therefore they will need special care for their skin, with some rubs of coconut oil on their nose, paws, and any necessary places you can identify. Also, you can add a skin and coat supplement to their diet, like high omega fatty acids, to keep their furs shiny. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are the tips to care for your dogs in the winter season. Hope you have found this article insightful and will come back again to our blog for more articles like this. Take some extra care of your pup in winter and enjoy cuddly times with it.

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier

Murphy Bernier is a New-York based freelance writer, professional blogger and certified dog trainer. She networks shelter pets to help them find homes and volunteers for rescue groups as she is passionate about dog rescue and adoption. From a very early age, she developed extensive animal handling skills from her dad, and that’s where her love for animals started.

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